Comprising of a healthy mix of entrepreneurs and youth, we come from all walks of life to work together as a team in building a great product that meets international standards, with a focus on creating a great user experience.


Muneez Rahman
Founder & CEO

A Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience leading and managing businesses across various domains that blend Technology, Education & Entertainment. A far-sighted leader and manager with a never-say-die attitude who redefines the term workaholic.

Mukesh Dev
Co-founder & COO

A career maverick with strong networking skills and an impeccable sense of humour that mostly comes alive only online or on a stage. Our operations head, his calm composure and pleasant smile is what ensures that things are always running smooth at Hapiens.

Harshan Namboodiri
Sr. Consultant - R&D and Technology

Our in-house patents expert, his sole acumen is what helped us file our first patent, differentiating us from our competitors. A scientist by birth with a childish demeanor known for his sense of humour and laid-back nature.

Akhil Cherian
Sr. Consultant - Marketing & Growth

Our very own Marketing head and local expert on all things food, he always has the perfect answer for life’s important questions, like how to drive growth, or where to eat. A veteran in the field of e-commerce, he is passionate about revenue optimization and all things internet.

Alwyn Sabu
Associate - Operations

Legend has it that while other kids were drawing trees & imaginary friends, his first sketch was a process flow chart. Be it Ops support, payment management, or organizing team activities, he does it all with a level of efficiency that makes us forget how hard his job really is.

Amal Alex
Lead - Marketing & Growth

A growth hacker with an infectious "can do" attitude, he's a Pied Piper when it comes to community management. When he's not busying himself with work, he fills his Instagram with pics of places he's been to, where he claims people actually laughed at his supposed jokes.

Hridya Mohan
Lead - Happiness & HR

Team Hapiens was made possible thanks to our bubbly HR specialist's attention to detail and dedication for finding the right talent to align with our needs & culture. Though an ace at conflict management, we've noticed that her HR skills are no match for the neighborhood kitten.

Jishnu Dev
Lead - UX/UI Design

A UI maverick, his design sensibilities & command over the color palette have been pivotal for our brand identity. A superfan of Joker who famously said that madness is like gravity, there's a clear method to the madness in his work, and the result is everything you see here.

Jom Alex
Lead - Marketing & Growth

A sales champ of proven record in segments like digital ad space & digital marketing services, he's invested in conquering our growth targets these days. The only upwards trend that surprises us more than his customer acquisition numbers is his gravity defying twirled moustache.

Joseph Roney
Intern - Game Development

A die-hard football fan and game developer, due to whom we can rest, knowing that our product is in good hands. He is often distracted by the words 'Man Utd' and is our go-to guy for any news and updates about the beautiful game.

Krishnachandran R
Intern - Content & Creatives

Fresh out of college and bursting with energy, he is always seeking to learn and hone his talents as a designer. The youngest member of our team he prefers to be called by his nickname 'KC' and we are more than happy to oblige as his full name is rather long and uncouth.

Nihal Ismail
Lead - Technology

The brains of the tech division, our product wouldn’t be complete without his efforts and dedication. His commitment to the project at hand is what makes our game stand out from the crowd .Another travel junkie his dream was to visit the USA, which he managed to do while working with us at Hapiens.

Rahul VJ
Lead - Growth & Content

A growth hacker and member of the community team, known for the lasting impression he creates on the people that he meets. Fun & Jovial are two words that best describe his character which is why we have entrusted a large team of our interns to him..

Shyamal Nambiar
Intern - Growth

A quirky content writer and social media manager who is trusted with establishing our presence on social media. A budding poet and a lover of haikus, he can find inspiration in unusual places and can often be seen jotting down his thoughts.